BlackBerry Backup Extractor - Help & support

What does the BlackBerry Backup Extractor do?

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor can extract files from BlackBerry Desktop Software backups of your BlackBerry data.

Restoring extracted files to my BlackBerry

Importing contacts from VCard or VCF

Importing your contacts into Outlook, Google Mail, or other modern email systems is easy. Our blog describes how to import your BlackBerry VCard contacts into Google Mail.

Where does BlackBerry Desktop Manager store its backups?

Under Windows XP, BlackBerry Desktop Manager will store backups in \Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Document\BlackBerry.

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, BlackBerry Desktop Manager will store backups in \Users\USERNAME\Documents\BlackBerry.

Can I use the BlackBerry Backup Extractor on a computer without BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor will automatically search in the default BlackBerry Desktop Manager backup location for your backups. However, the software doesn't require that BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on the computer on which you use it. You can copy your backups to another machine and use the BlackBerry Backup Extractor there. It is possible to extract on Windows from a backup made under OS X, and vice-versa.

Are data recovered with the BlackBerry Backup Extractor forensically sound?

Yes, data files are. The files are not manipulated in any way in the backup or reading process. Contact and calendar data is manipulatd into VCF and ICAL formats.

Information about BlackBerry Desktop Manager backups

If you're struggling to do something particularly complicated with your BlackBerry backup, the following resources might help:

Uninstall the BlackBerry Backup Extractor

If you are looking to uninstall the BlackBerry Backup Extractor as it served you well so far but you don’t need it anymore, here are the steps you need to take.

  • On Windows: Open the 'Start' menu > 'All Programs' or 'Programs and Features'> BlackBerry Backup Extractor > Uninstall.
  • On Mac: Open the 'Applications' folder > BlackBerry Backup Extractor > Drag to Trash > Empty it from Trash to finish uninstalling.

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