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Finally, Research in Motion has something big for Playbook users: a Full PlayBook Experience. The new Playbook OS 2.0 tipped to be released on February 17, although RIM has not given any official statement about the rumoured launch date.

BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 Specifications

With the upcoming PlayBook 3G version and the features listed below, will the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 make the Playbook a gadget worth waiting for?

  • The new OS version boasts of its new native email client, calendar and contacts - all of which are basic features that were suprisingly not included in the first version that was released.
  • The update makes Playbook more convenient and functional, as it showcases a unified inbox for all your messages and can be tied to social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • It supports rich text editing for more advanced message composition. Email client also allows tabbed viewing for easy navigation.
  • You can get access to your friend's complete contact information with the new Contact app that gathers and consolidates personal information from different social networks right into your Playbook tablet.
  • The innovative Calendar allows you to view entries either by day or by agenda and easily integrates them with your address book.

However, in spite of these improvements, RIM still has not managed to bring Blackberry Messenger (BBM) into Playbook interface. It is clearly a disappointment as to why the most popular application on Blackberry Smartphones could not be integrated with Playbook.

You can take advantage of the Blackberry Bridge though, which allows you to integrate Blackberry Smartphones with Playbook and use keyboard and touch screen to control the tablet remotely. BBM will be accessible via Blackberry Bridge as well.

The Future of Playbook

Blackberry fans gave different views about Playbook when it was first released in the market and the overall reaction was it fell short of expectations. Will Playbook OS 2.0 change the minds of the Playbook users? Is it too late to implement the changes, which should have been easily included in the first release? We really won't know until the new version is out. How about you? What do you expect in the new version?