Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

If you’ve used the Blackberry Backup Extractor to recover your Blackberry contacts from your IPD or BBB backup into a CSV file and now want to get them into Outlook, here’s a guide to doing it.

1. Launch Outlook, Start CSV Import

Launch Outlook. Then, from the menu select “File” > “Open” > “Import”.

In Outlook, Select File the Open then Import

2. Choose “Import from another program or file”

Select Import from another program or file

3. Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”

Select Comma Separated Values (Windows)

4. Select your CSV file

Select the CSV file you created using the Blackberry Backup Extractor software and decide whether you want to allow the software to create duplicates of your contacts if you have more than one set of information for a particular person.

Select iPhone Backup Extractor CSV file

5. Select where you’d like the contacts to go

Select the folder where you’d like the contacts to go. This is usually your Outlook Contacts folder.

Select destination folder

6. Optional: Re-save CSV file in Excel

If you see the following error, load the CSV file in Excel, save it, then try importing it again. It should now work.

Translation error screenshot

7. Confirm the Import

Click “Finish” to confirm the import.

Confirmation screenshot

It’s as simple as that! Your contacts should now have been successfully imported Outlook.