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Encryption protects data from being accessed by third parties so if you have important information to be backed up you might want to encrypt it.

Encryption of Blackberry backup data is becoming more and more popular but do keep in mind your password when you decide to encrypt your backup. You put your data into an iron safe, so if you don't know your special code password you won't be able to open it and your data won't be anymore accessible for you.

How to encrypt backup data with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  • Connect your BlackBerry Device to PC and Open Desktop Manager
  • Under BBDM, click Device > Back up
  • Select backup type - You can select then Full backup, Quick backup (your email messages are not backed up) or Custom backup (you are able to select the specific data to back up)
  • Back up your device memory data - If you have data on your device memory and you want that to be backed up, select Files saved on my built-in media storage check box
  • Encrypting backup - To protect your backup by adding encryption you just select Encrypt backup file and type a password, maybe note down that password or just try to remember it as you will need it to access back your backup.
  • Finish by clicking Back up

Encrypt backup file

You can use your backup to restore your Blackberry device whenever something goes wrong.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor decrypts encrypted Blackberry backups

If you have difficulties in restoring your encrypted backup and BBDM doesn't recognize your backup or tells you that's being corrupt and it doesn't give you the option of entering your password or other cases when you simply can't restore from your encrypted backup, our latest version of BlackBerry Backup Extractor can be of help decrypting your BlackBerry backup (you must know your password) and accessing your data. You can extract the encoded data to your PC then just upload it to your phone or just use it as appropriate.

Have you had problems in restoring encrypted backups via Desktop Manager? Have you already tried our BlackBerry Backup Extractor with encrypted backup support?