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BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44 - Released... then rolled back!

With the release Desktop Software v7.0 B44 (14th Feb 2012) and Desktop Software v2.3 for Mac (21st Feb 2012), current and future version of BlackBerry Desktop Software are seemly going to be using a unified .BBB v2 format to back up data from their BlackBerry devices. However, there still appears to be an issue when syncing your BlackBerry smartphone with the new PC Desktop Software version. We have heard many reports that when syncing your BlackBerry with BBDM 7 on Windows the process just hangs or never completes. Because of these reports RIM’s have seemly rolled back to Desktop Software v6.1. But as some of you out there are still using Desktop Software v7.0 and reporting issues we thought we would create this guide.

BlackBerry Desktop Software Version 7

Why has BlackBerry Changed the .IPD to .BBB Backup File Format?

Historically, BlackBerry Desktop Software (Manager) has saved BlackBerry Backup files in .IPD for Window/PC, with .BBB for Apple Mac. With the .IPD extension having been part of the BlackBerry Back and Desktop Manager’s backup genetics since we can remember. Recently, we have had many BlackBerry owners asking us why they now see .BBB files and instead of an .IPD extension when viewing or searching for their Desktop Software backups. Blackberry haven’t given an official explanation this is a little confusing, especially as Mac users were already using a .BBB backup format.

Well, the short explanation of what has changed is that the Mac .BBB file were only a compressed version of the same .IPD file the Windows users were using and simple using a .BBB extension. The .IPD format stands for “Inter@ctive Pager Backup”, so this is possible now deemed an archaic description by RIM and the Mac .BBB (BlackBerry Backup file) extension preferred for both Windows and OS X operating systems. The new .BBB v2 format also has other differences and now contains a compressed set of .DAT files. Each .DAT file contains a relevant subset of data like ‘Contacts’ or ‘Calendar’ so different in comparison to the single .IPD and compressed .BBB files that proceeded it.

How can you read a new .BBB v2 backup?

The BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 creates theses .BBB v2 files, and therefore it can give access to and restore these files as designed. If anything goes wrong with the backup creation or you lose, change or upgrade your BlackBerry so the backup can’t be accessed the BlackBerry Backup Extractor can help. The current version of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor is set up to view all BlackBerry backup types new, old, Windows or Mac OS X. This includes the previous .IPD and Mac .BBB backup file formats as well as the new .BBB v2 backup format.

Are you confused by RIM changing the backup extension in Desktop Software v7.0 for Windows? Are you having problems with .BBB backups and loading to you BlackBerry Device? Let us know about how the .BBB extension change has effected you and comment below.