Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

.BBB files, BBM, MMS are the top improvements on V 0.82 of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor

BlackBerry Backup Extractor views all BlackBerry backup types, no matter if it's a new, old, Windows or Mac OS X backup, and it now extracts both .BBB files created on Mac OS X and.BBB files (backup format v2) created by BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 on Windows.

The latest version of our BlackBerry Backup Extractor can be downloaded from here: BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 0.82 for Windows or BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 0.82 for Mac OS X and Linux.

New Blackberry Backup Extractor Features

  • Extraction for MMS messages in html format including attachments
  • Improved extraction of the BlackBerry Messenger conversations and saved BBM backups
  • Supports .BBB BlackBerry Backup Format V2.0 files both on Mac and Windows
  • Supports legacy backups in both .IPD and .BBB file formats
  • Extracts multimedia files *

Where to find the extract contents of .BBB and .IPD backup files

If you have set your BlackBerry Desktop Software to save the data types mentioned above and have this data available, you will find it in the following locations inside the BlackBerry Backup Extractor default extraction folder.

BlackBerry Messenger Conversation and Backup Files

  • \BBM Conversations\conversations.csv
  • \Content Store\home\user\im\BlackBerry Messenger\322E5CD6\backup\

Photos, Picture and Music from phone *

  • \Content Store\home\user\camera\
  • \Content Store\home\user\pictures\
  • \Content Store\home\user\music\

App Data and Files *

  • \Content Store\appdata\

MMS Files

  • \MMS Messages\
  • \MMS Messages\images\
  • \MMS Messages\vcards\

* From phone memory only, not from memory card as this is not backed up in .BBB or .IPD backups.

Have you had problems extracting data from a .bbb backup before? What do you think about the new improvements? Do you want to recommend us ideas for improving the app, add those to our Q&A Forum.