Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

RIM has released BlackBerry 10 platform, the initial developer toolkit for native and HTML5 software development, on Tuesday at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida. You can try out the new BlackBerry Developer Tools here.

This groundbreaking technology from RIM was presented in a very upbeat presentation and here is a sneak peak at the camera features on BB 10 platform. This is amazing, isn’t it?

The BlackBerry 10 developer beta tools released were built with the goal of giving developers options in order to grow the app ecosystem. Let's hope this will really open the floodgates to more great BlackBerry apps. Let’s check out the BlackBerry 10 features!

BlackBerry 10 Features

  • BlackBerry 10 Native SDK with Cascades – devs can create graphically rich, high performance native apps in C/C++ or the QT Modelling Language(QML).
  • BlackBerry 10 WebWorks™ SDK – devs can use their JavaScript/CSS/HTML5 skills to create native-like apps.
  • Productive virtual keyboard – predictive sentence completion or gestures switch keyboards.
  • Revolutionary camera - you can touch up parts of the photo by selecting a portion of the image from before or after taking the picture.
  • And much more features which can be seen here.

Applications created with any of the BlackBerry 10 tools will run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

Gameloft already announced games for BlackBerry 10

Gameloft already announced lineup of 11 games for BlackBerry 10. To name a few: Shark Dash, N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, Ice Age Village and Oregon Trail: American Settler. It seems BlackBerry received a great feedback already! However, still no BlackBerry 10 devices were announced yet.

Are you impressed about innovative BlackBerry 10 platform, do you think there’s still room in the market for Blackberry? Will we see a comeback here? Is RIM learning from Apple and creating an ecosystem? Will you be expecting a BB 10 device to come out more than you usually expect your Christmas gift?:)