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Blackberry backups exist to safeguard your data and prevent a situation where you could lose important contacts, SMS messages, photos or videos of your loved ones. The backup and restore functions previously handled by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager are now present in the Blackberry Link software and are still there to help you sleep at night. So read on about how to backup and restore your BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry Link.

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How to make a BlackBerry backup with BlackBerry Link software

BlackBerry backups created with BlackBerry Link are all you need to keep data safe. Blackberry backups made with BlackBerry Link can be selective (you can choose to back-up just contacts, documents, applications or media like photos and videos) or they can be full backups of your BlackBerry. In the same manner, you can restore an entire device, or just part of the data.

  • Download Blackberry Link for Windows or Mac
  • On your computer, open BlackBerry Link
  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable
  • Select your device at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the "Settings" icon on the top right and in the left pane, click "Back Up Now"
  • Select which data to include in your backup files
  • OR click beside your device at the bottom of your screen and select "Back Up"

To restore your device to a previous backup:

  • Open BlackBerry Link
  • Click on the device along the bottom
  • Click on the "Settings" icon (top right)
  • Click on "Restore device data"
  • Select "Restore from backup file"
  • Select the data to restore
  • Click "Restore"

Backing up BlackBerry Messenger contacts and groups

BlackBerry Messenger contacts and groups have been associated with the BlackBerry ID since version 7.0 of BlackBerry Messenger. This means an old BlackBerry Desktop Manager backup will not contain these contacts and they will automatically populate the new Z10 once you login with your BlackBerry ID. Easy as pie! How to get your BlackBerry Messenger contacts back:

  • If you are switching devices, you can use the Device Switch feature in BlackBerry Link
  • If you have a BlackBerry ID, just login with it on your new phone and the contacts will transfer
  • If you are switching from an old BlackBerry with Link and have one or more contact groups in your Address Book, the groups will not transfer to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone

There's a lot of action where the BlackBerry Link is concerned, as it can be used not only to backup and restore, but also to sync media from your computer to your BlackBerry Z10 and also manage more BlackbBerry 10 devices. But from a data security point of view, we found the BlackBerry Protect app to be missing, along with its all so cool functions for remote phone access and recovery. The good news is that Dropbox is now available on BlackBerry 10, so you can also store data in the cloud should something go wrong.

What to do if the Link will not complete the BlackBerry Z10 backup?

As with all new endeavours, there will be problems with backing up using the BlackBerry Link software. Users will sometimes receive the message: "Backup not complete" upon trying to back up their BlackBerry Z10. As we have learned from our BlackBerry users, there are a few workarounds that might be useful in this situation, so make sure to:

  • Try rebooting the BlackBerry Z10 and then attempt another backup
  • Try turning off the mass USB storage mode on the BlackBerry Z10 and then perform the backup again - in the "Settings" icon, go to "Storage and Access" and "USB mass storage"
  • Do a selective backup including only "Applications" and see if the backup completes. If it does, make another by adding another item to the backup list. If the error pops up again on including an item, it means there might be corrupt files in that category and you should exclude these from the backup
  • If you have a large number of applications and "Applications Data" reaches a large size, try turning off the option to backup applications and see if the backup completes
  • If nothing works, we recommend that you contact your service provider

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor can open Blackberry backups made with Desktop Manager

BlackBerry backups made with Desktop Manager can be opened with Blackberry Backup Extractor if you ever need to access data inside. This is particularly useful if you want to transfer data from your old BlackBerry phone, which took a dive or got stolen, to your new Z10. Otherwise, if you still have the old phone, you can transfer data to the Z10 using BlackBerry Link.