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The BlackBerry smartphone is a great way to store, share and play videos, but not all video formats are compatible with your beloved BlackBerry. Videos can easily be converted with Reincubate Video Converter, our video converter software that can bring your videos down to the perfect BlackBerry size.

How to convert BlackBerry video to the best quality and size

Getting the best format and size for your BlackBerry smartphone can be done with the Media Manager, but sometimes can be a tedious task – it might be slow, or even impossible to load. For reliability and fast conversion, we advise using our BlackBerry Video Converter software. To convert a video for your BlackBerry, it can take just a few moments:

  1. Choose the file you need to convert for your BlackBerry
  2. Add the file to the converting queue
  3. Select the format with the best preset for your device (AVI, MOV, 3GP, etc)
  4. Click "Profiles" to change bitrate, frame rate and size according to your needs
  5. Use the "Clone" button and then save your profile
  6. Convert the video and play it on your BlackBerry smartphone

Compatible BlackBerry video formats

BlackBerry smartphones are pretty versatile in regards to what video formats they support. Here's a list of video formats you can play on newer types of BlackBerry smartphones (BBDM 6.0):

  • 3GP
  • AVI
  • ASF
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • WMV

Supported video formats however, may vary depending on the model of your BlackBerry phone.

The new BlackBerry Z10, for example, has a wider range of supported formats: 3GP, 3GP2, ASF, AVI, F4V, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG4, WMV. For the best quality video on your new BlackBerry Z10, we recommend the MP4 format with H.264 profile at 720 pixels.

Remember, even if your video is in the right format, you might have trouble playing it when the aspect ratio is not compatible with your BlackBerry smartphone's display. The Reincubate Video Converter also has options to change bitrate, frame rate and frame size, so give it a go and see how you can convert your videos to the best possible format.

Your BlackBerry PlayBook, iPad Mini and Kindle Fire can also benefit from our video converter software. Choose the easy way to convert videos for your tablet: the Reincubate Video Converter.

Backup your BlackBerry smartphone to prevent losing your videos!

As always, BlackBerry backups are a must if you want to keep your data safe (especially videos of your family and friends), so make sure to backup safely. Data from BlackBerry backups made with BlackBerry Desktop Manager is stored on your computer and can be accessed with the BlackBerry Backup Extractor.

The Reincubate Video Converter works on a variety of formats, so download it and use on all your videos!