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You have just upgraded your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and all your contacts and calendar entries are gone! This is certainly not your fault and RIM have acknowledged that there is a problem with the update. When upgrading to OS the Local Calendar and Contact information is removed from the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as mentioned on the BlackBerry website.

BlackBerry PlayBook

The recent BlackBerry PlayBook OS available for download should provide a fix, but it won’t bring back the lost data. This update is only available for BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi as the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE needs carrier approval before the update can applied.

Little is known on the changelog, but along with the Contacts and Calendars fix, the OS also brings:

  • A much faster Browser;
  • A native BBM that looks cool and runs great.

Here is a helpful demo on how to upgrade your PlayBook tablet.

How to recover your lost Contacts and Calendar Entries?

Before doing any upgrade we strongly recommend you create a backup using BBDM. This should keep you safe from such issues. The CrackBerry community created a poll to find out “How many people lost their contacts and calendars” and even though the big majority didn’t lose anything, there is stil a large percentage of users losing data.

Follow this BlackBerry guide on how to back up your PlayBook tablet data.

Then, if the upgrade erases part of your data you can just restore from backup. If BBDM doesn’t want to restore your Playbook from backup, you’ll be likely getting one of the following errors. So, if you can’t get the backup to function properly, just use our BlackBerry Backup Extractor software.

In case you forgot to do a backup prior to upgrade, you can still recover your contacts and calendar data from a previous local backup that will contain your data or part of it.

Once you extract the data off the backup with the BlackBerry Backup Extractor, importing it back to your tablet should be easy. Read our blog on:

Let us know how do you find the PlayBook update and if you’ve been affected by the previous v2.1.0.1032.