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Restoring backups with BlackBerry Desktop Manager can -- on occasion -- be slightly problematic. For instance, a common issue that can arise when restoring data in BBDM is when some data options are no longer available for users to select, even if the data has been backed up.

There are several reasons why this can happen and some situations are more complicated than others. In this article, we cover the top issues that can cause data such as address books not to restore, and offer some solutions where possible if you are unfortunate enough to come across any of these issues. If the worst happens BlackBerry Backup Extractor can help by extracting the files and data from all IPD or BBB backups. We also have some great tips on how to import files back to your BlackBerry device.

blackberry restore common issues

Top reasons why a BlackBerry backup might not restore via BBDM

  • The BlackBerry is configured for wireless synchronization, and this prevents the data from being updated in the backup. Read how to turn off wireless synchronization on your BlackBerry and how to delete the Desktop [SYNC] service book.
  • The BlackBerry backup data might be corrupt, and cannot be accessed by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This is probably the worst it can get restoring wise. Using BlackBerry Backup Extractor gives you an indication of the data that is recoverable, it's extremely unlikely a corrupt backup will be restored. But the data can still, in most cases, be extracted where it is available.
  • The Desktop [SYNC] service bookmarks the databases as read-only, preventing the data from being backed up or restored using a cable and BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Examples of BlackBerry Desktop Manager Failure messages

  • "Error Restoring Database(s)": If you find yourself with this type of error you have recently either, upgraded or retrograded your phone. Sometimes simply rolling the change backwards, restoring and trying again applying the upgrade correctly can help (read our blog on how to upgrade to OS 7.1, the procedure is the same for most versions). There might be issues between a different BlackBerry OS between the device and the backup; if this can't be resolved we suggest you check if the backup contains data using the BlackBerry Backup Extractor.
  • "The Backup functionality is not available at your current location": This means you are accessing the Desktop Manager from a computer where performing backup and restore functions are restricted by the administrator. If the administrator has restricted the functions of use on the BlackBerry phone, then restoring the backup could fail with this error.
  • "This function is no longer available to you. No changes have been made": This is a variation on the error found previously. This happens when your administrator has changed your permissions since you logged in to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager.

Remember, if all fails, you can always use BlackBerry Backup Extractor to extract data from your backup data. Much of your data can be imported back to your phone using applications like Outlook or Google sync tools and apps. Read our guide on how to import files to Google calendar or how to import contacts to Gmail, and even sending files directly to your phone.