Livia Stroie
Posted by Livia Stroie,

You have a BlackBerry backup that misbehaves, does not restore or just need to extract important data from an old backup? We have now made things much easier for you with the latest version of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor, with new features and improvements in functionality. If you want to see all the improvements and bug fixes continue reading below, you can also try it out for free too!

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What's new in BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 1.0.7?

The new BlackBerry Backup Extractor now looks better and performs quicker. After adding some major features like backup preview and improved Mac support, we have further enhanced our software:

  • Never forget what you friends say − you can now Extract BBM contacts along with BBM messages
  • Shows output folder as clickable link, making extraction easier than before
  • Better support for difficult backups
  • Fixed minor bugs related to registration and install

Data extracted from the BlackBerry backups can easily be imported into Outlook or Gmail.

Keep your data safe: Always have a BlackBerry backup handy!

With the constant work we do on our software we want to create the best support for users needing to extract data from their BlackBerry backups. We know how important your info is for you, whether it be contacts, BBM messages, SMS messages, photos or videos made with your mobile device. So make sure to keep them safe by backing up regularly with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

How do you think we can further improve our software? We are working on adding support for BlackBerry 10 backups, let us know what else you think useful!