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How to preview and extract data with the BlackBerry Backup Extractor v 1.0.3

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor for Windows and Mac has just been updated and includes some great new features. This includes the new preview function which allows you to see what is in your BlackBerry backup: check how many contacts, SMS messages, BBM messages, emails, photos, videos and much more! You can choose to extract individual content from the backup using the quick-links or extract all your backup data at once, it's your choice!

Extract contacts, SMS, BBM messages, emails, or all data at once!

The new BlackBerry Backup Extractor features have been added to help people see what is in their backup and access their data with greater speed and efficiency. Once opening the desired backup you are now presented with categories of the major data types, with an inventory of each. You can use the quick links to extract a specific set of data, like your contacts or memos or simply decide to extract everything.

The main data categories shown in the Blackberry backup preview are:

  • contacts
  • calls
  • SMS messages
  • MMS
  • BBM messages
  • emails
  • calendar
  • tasks
  • memos
  • bookmarks
  • photos
  • videos
  • ringtones
  • app data
  • storage files (things like backups of your BBM chats)

When extracting the entire backup, the BlackBerry Backup Extractor will recover and convert available data. This with include everthing in the preview and other lesser databases and config files which may be available.

How to use the new BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 1.0.3

We added links for extraction to individual databases, which means you can extract your contacts, or photos, or any other category of data, or you can press "Extract all" to extract all the data to your folder of choice.

  1. Download the BlackBerry Backup Extractor and open your BlackBerry backup

  2. blackberry backup preview

  3. Choose what type of data you wish to extract (for example, Emails)

  4. blackberry backup extract emails

  5. Choose the output folder, press "Extract" and recover your emails: these will be saved to your Desktop as .eml files

  6. blackberry emails desktop

Once the data is saved to your computer, you can view it and import to another device. Learn more about:

Download and try out the new 1.0.3 version of our BlackBerry Backup Extractor and tell us how it fares!