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Blackberry 10 phones, like the BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 are becoming more established amongst BlackBerry users since their introduction at the start of this year. BB10 owners have surely added a substantial amount of data on their devices, hopefully creating backups of their precious data along the way. All contacts, emails, BBM's, SMS and photos are all safely stored within .bbb BlackBerry backup files that the Blackberry Link software creates. However, currently there is no software on the market capable of opening a Blackberry Link backup and extracting data inside.

*** Important note: BlackBerry 10 backups are not yet support by the BlackBerry Backup Extractor.

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We have recently received requests from users regarding the possibility of further exploring their BlackBerry 10 backups. We would like to know your thoughts on this: would you like to see BlackBerry Link compatibility added to the BlackBerry Backup Extractor?

Vote for adding BlackBerry 10 support to the BlackBerry Backup Extractor

We have opened a discussion on our feedback platform, where we encourage users to vote for the idea of opening BlackBerry backups made with BlackBerry Link. To make sure your voice is heard we invite you to give your vote and make it happen!

Remember, the more thumbs up we get, the more positive energy shifts to adding this fresh new innovative feature to the BlackBerry Backup Extractor! Meanwhile, you can check out the recourse we have on:

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If the BlackBerry Backup Extractor has helped you in the past, we would love to know about it! Tell us your stories below