Livia Stroie
Posted by Livia Stroie,

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor version 0.100 is our first update of 2013, and we are proud to present a new and improved version of our software. We have enhanced our application's extraction of media files, we have extended our support of corrupt BlackBerry backup files and we fixed formatting issues that occurred when extracting contacts from some types of BlackBerry backups.

blackberry backup extractor version 0.100

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor now has enhanced media files extraction

The new version of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor now helps you make the most of your backup, extracting even more media files from backups with the Storage option. Check out what our developers have prepared for you at the start of this new year:

  • Improved extraction of media files from .ipd and .bbb BlackBerry backups
  • Improvements when extracting from corrupt BlackBerry backups missing essential backup files
  • Fixes formatting issues that appear when extracting contacts from certain BlackBerry backups

We have some enhancements in place that make our program extract faster and work better with corrupt BlackBerry backups. We also have some fixes implemented for errors that some Windows users may encounter. So, if when extracting contacts, the software shows you the following message: “FileStream will not open Win32 devices such as disk partitions and tape drives”, it's time to update to the 0.100 version that fixes this error.

Download the latest version 0.100 of our BlackBerry Backup Extractor software to enjoy the new extraction enhancements and bug fixes!