Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

After extracting emails from your IPD or BBB backup with our BlackBerry Backup Extractor you’ll maybe interested in a way of importing these to your email client? If so, here is a helpful guide on how import eml messages to Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live.

EML emails extracted with BBBE

How to import .eml emails to Office Outlook 2003, Office Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2011 for Mac

  • Open the folder containing the .eml files
  • Open Outlook and create a new folder, but you can use any folder except the Inbox.
  • Select the .EML files in the folder you want to import
  • Then simply drag the files into the new folder you created in Outlook. If you do this to Inbox, you will create a new email with the .eml files attached
  • NOTE: This process should works for .eml, .msg or any other standard RFC822 email message.

How to import .eml emails files to Outlook Express and Windows Live (Outlook Express replacement)

  • This process is much the same as Outlook
  • Locate the eml files and make sure they are all within a single folder. Open the folder with all eml files.
  • Open Outlook Express or Windows Live
  • Click File > Folder > New and the chose where to place this new folder
  • Select all your eml files and Drag and Drop them into the folder you just created in Outlook Express or Windows Live

That’s it! You should have successfully imported your eml files into Outlook. Have you had problems in importing your BlackBerry emails into Outlook? Let us know by commenting below.