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If you are new to BlackBerry and how backups are created, or have recently noticed that the newly released Blackberry Desktop Software 7 is now saving your backups with .BBB extensions, this is the article for you. For those of you used to BlackBerry's original .IPD backup format it might seem sightly confusing to change the extension after all this time. However, it has changed on a PC at least and to the new .BBB v2 format, but hang on isn't that the format the Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac uses? Well yes and no, but going forward BlackBerry will be using the .BBB v2 format as the universal extension for both Mac OS X and Windows. If you want to know more about the .BBB file changes we have more information in our BBB Extension Guide.

If that sounds too confusing you will be glad to know that our BlackBerry Backup Extractor can extract all types of BlackBerry Backups. Whether .IPD, .BBB, Mac OS X or Windows our application will do the work quickly and easily for you. Below is a short guide on how to extract the data from a BBB backup file using the BlackBerry Backup Extractor.

1. Download and run the BlackBerry Backup Extractor Software

BlackBerry Backup Extractor Software v 0.82

2. Open your IPD or BBB backup file

Click the “Open backup...” button and select your backup to be loaded by our software. You should see your IPD or BBB files with ease. You don't need to have access at the BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry device while doing all these.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor BBB and IPD file option

3. Extract all data stored in the BBB and IPD backup files

Select a location to extract the backup data and files into and that's it! Backup data such as Contacts, Emails, Memos, Calendar Events, Media files (phone storage only), SMS MMS message and BBM Conversations should be recovered and placed in this folder where applicable.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor BBB main files

The ‘Other’ folder contains lots of other useful data.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor BBB other files

If you wish us to look into a specific data extraction type or propose a new application feature, please use our BlackBerry Backup Feedback Section. We can't promise to add it to the application but if enough people vote for your idea we'll try our best too.

Enjoy the BlackBerry Backup Extractor Experience in recovering your data!