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So you still cherish using BlackBerry Messenger, but what if your BBM contact list, family and friends start to flock toward iOS and Android alternatives? The WSJ recently reported that the future of the RIM's BlackBerry Messenger might be in doubt because RIM will not share BBM on iOS or Android.

RIM has seen a positive increase in the number of Blackberry Messenger BlackBerry customers using the service. The BBM service currently supports 55 million users, this is compared to just 5 millions in 2009. A 50 million increase in active users sounds great doesn't it? But what user base would RIM command if they licensed the service to competitors or just created their own multi-platform apps? RIM must be aware of the popularity of iMessage, What's App and others messaging apps. I concede this sounds a counter-intuitive thing to do, but the BlackBerry service has often a different and loyal market, this could showcase BlackBerry features to non-BlackBerry users.

OK, BBM is still quite different from these other services, this won't necessarily be the case for very long. One has to feel RIM are missing an opportunity to cash in on a great service while bringing it to the grateful masses. RIM will likely continue with its own ecosystem policy, but is this a wise step? Should RIM at least consider how it might engage with the rest of the world?

How to backup Blackberry Messenger contacts

If you have a massive BBM contact list don't forget to back it up. BlackBerry Messenger offers you a few options to backup up your BBM addressbook, via:

  • Local Backup (MicroSD card or on the device itself)
  • Remote Back up
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software (Stored in .BBB and .IPD files)

Enjoy a helpful tutorial on how to backup your contact list.

How to recover BlackBerry Messenger contacts and conversations

Transferring your BBM information to a new BlackBerry smartphone should be pretty easy if you follow the steps shown in the video below. The only point that you have to bare in mind is to use the same email address you used to register with the BBM servers, with your new smartphone.

Or if you have set your BlackBerry Desktop Software to save the data you can use anytime the BlackBerry Backup Extractor software to extract your BBM conversations or saved BBM backup data. You can find BBM backup data in the following locations inside the BlackBerry Backup Extractor default extraction folder:

BlackBerry Messenger Conversation and Backup Files

  • \BBM Conversations\conversations.csv
  • \Content Store\home\user\im\BlackBerry Messenger\322E5CD6\backup\

Are you an avid BlackBerry Messenger user? Is the ability to chat to non BlackBerry Messenger users important for you or would this contribute to a future betrayal of BlackBerry devices in your opinion?