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Many in the smart phone world have expressed their concerns that RIM might be on the downfall, and that the office executive iconic BlackBerry user may well become history. We don't quite agree, however we can tell you that more and more BlackBerry users have asked us how to transfer their data to Android phones. So we thought we would give a few tips on how to transfer your contacts and SMS messages to an Android phone.

Transfer your BlackBerry Contacts to Android

Until recently, you could simply transfer contacts from a Blackberry phone by using the Google Sync app. This transferred data with ease to an Android phone via by connecting to Gmail. One downside of the Google Sync app was that caller images were not synced with the contacts.

Unfortunately, Google has now stopped distributing Google Sync to the BlackBerry. However, the Google Sync app still works, although it is no longer available to download from Google, and not supported for new BlackBerry devices or latest OSes.

If you still have access to Google Sync, try the following:

  • Sync your BlackBerry with Google Sync
  • Activate your Android smartphone and connect it with your Gmail account
  • Then sync your contacts with your Android phone using the inbuilt phone options

For BlackBerry owners that are unable to access Google Sync anymore, we recommend you to sync or import your BlackBerry Contacts into Microsoft Outlook or GMail. You will need to retrieve the contacts from your BBB or IPD BlackBerry backup (into CSV file) with the help of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor software. Here are two easy guides on:

Then just simply sync back the imported contacts with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail with your new Android phone options.

Got a Samsung phone? Transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your Samsung device using Samsung Kies

For Samsung users the transfer of the BlackBerry contacts it's smoothly done using Samsung Kies. You can Sync the Contacts with Outlook or simply import from your PC the BlackBerry Contacts CSV file (retrieved with the help of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor) by doing the following:

  • Connect your Samsung device to PC via USB
  • Open Samsung Kies software (Download now if not installed)
  • Click on Contacts >Import from PC >Import CSV Contacts
  • Browse for the BlackBerry CSV Contacts file and import

Transfer BlackBerry Contacts to Samsung with Samsung Kies

Transfer BlackBerry SMS messages to Android

Extract the BlackBerry SMS messages into csv file from your BBB or IPD backup with the help of our BlackBerry Backup Extractor and use Very Android SMS backup free software to restore them to your new Android device.

Here is a guide to follow on how to transfer your BlackBerry CSV messages to Android after you extracted the CSV SMS Messages from your BlackBerry backup.

Have the above tips proved handy or do you know more useful ways of transferring BlackBerry data to an Android phone? If so please share them below. :)