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Nope, this is neither a joke nor an advertising campaign. Apparently, RIM asked BlackBerry users to tweet their New Year's resolutions on how they plan to Be Bold in 2012 and then they sorted out the responses into 4 categories.

Some of the BlackBerry public and the media reacted differently to the New Year's Eve Special #BeBold tweets and the introduction of new cartoon characters were subject to many articles and discussions. Research in Motion have been under the microscope recently with falling US sales and a change in leadership, so was this a mistake or a diversion tactic? RIM underlined that this was not an ad campaign, but even with this clarification the Internet went a little brutal on BlackBerry's Superhero idea. This included negative reactions from the BlackBerry users and the cartoon characters seemly opened the door to a tirade of comments on RIM's latest mistakes from the media.

The Bold Team

The “Incredibles”

  • GoGo Girl (The Achiever) – “Saving the day with a brilliant strategy, a smile, or a spatula. She's clever, resourceful, and just a bit random.”
  • Trudy Foreal (The Authentic) – “Not afraid to call it as she sees it. She enjoys long walks on the beach and old-school ninja movies.”
  • Justin Steele (The Advocate) – “Always ready to stick up for his friends. His hobbies include saving cats stuck in trees and using social feeds in his spare time.”
  • Max Stone (The Adventurer) – “Able to jump out of a plane and land on a moving speedboat. He's tough, proud, and a little wild. You can count on Max to face any challenge.”

However, in a bizarre twist the BlackBerry audience is already asking for The Incredibles 2, is this another joke or did they really like it? Did RIM really reach the target this time? We do see comments like “This is the first time I am actually sympathising with RIM” so maybe this cartoon thinking wasn't so bad after all.

So, will Research in Motion resolve to jump off a plane or to save the day with a brilliant strategy this year ? What character did you like the most? Do you think this is the crucial year for RIM or not?