Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

On July 8th, 2012, Reincubate introduced its new BlackBerry Backup Extractor Version 0.92, a dynamic new version of the software that brings numerous upgrades to the previous version and some new enhancements to exporting Contacts. Download now the new 0.92 version of the BlackBerry Backup Extractor for Windows and the BlackBerry Backup Extractor for Mac and Linux to get the new BBBE version 0.92 experience!

BlackBerry Backup Extractor Version 0.92

What's New in Blackberry Backup Extractor V 0.92

Many improvements have been made to the software, new features and capabilities. Here are a few of the highlights of the updates and enhancements for the new 0.92 version of the software:

  • Extended UTF-8 support for extended notes in the calendar export files
  • BBM Conversations update for latest Desktop Software and Blackberry devices
  • Contacts and address book entries include new field data for “Date of birth” and “Anniversary date” when exporting to CSV format

By regularly trying to meet users needs and improving efficiency and functions of the software, we show Reincubate's commitment to customers and users. When we receive feedback like “Thank you so very much! Your app recovered a backup that had key dates we thought were lost, but your app worked great to recover it. Your app saved the day.” (Ken, July 2012), it is always very rewarding. Comments like these best represent our main goal: to recover precious data and to help save the day! :)

Have you already updated your BlackBerry Backup Extractor to the latest version? Have you any new ideas to improve the software or add new feature which aren't currently available? Address your ideas to our Q&A Forum. If you feel like sharing your feedback about your BlackBerry Backup Extractor experience, you can comment at any time below, on our Disqus platform or simply post it to our BlackBerry Backup Extractor Facebook Page. To find out news, improvements or interesting discussion on things we like or are working on you can follow us on our Twitter Page.