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BlackBerry 10 is coming (finally) on the 30th January, and we are dying to see what RIM has done to its operating system. After a year delay for BlackBerry 10, analysts and competition alike are anxious to know what the company has up its sleeve to try and regain market share. The BB fans are waiting in hope for the same kind of innovation and originality in design that made RIM gain almost 80 million subscribers worldwide up until 2012.

BlackBerry 10 features have been leaked around the Internet for some time now, and it looks to be designed in particular to stand up to competition like Google's Android or Apple's iOS. Let's take a look at what we might expect from BlackBerry 10:

Voice recognition assistant – Watch out, Siri!

Apple's mobile girl Siri now has some competition: although not branded in the same sexy manner, BlackBerry's voice recognition assistant seems to do the job a little better, according to a video showing RIM's new BlackBerry Z10 in comparison to the iPhone 5. Remains to be seen whether the functionality can top Siri's sparkling personality – her goofs have their charm, after all.

BlackBerry Hub – Gather round the fire, kids!

BlackBerry Hub is functionality for the communication addicts: it gathers all your notifications, SMS, emails (from all your accounts) and all the people calling out to you on social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, with the BlackBerry Flow, it's easier than ever to swipe from one app to the other – while the OS has a similar manner of showing information, the process of moving from one app to another is not as smooth.

BlackBerry Balance for the refined workaholics

BlackBerry Balance means that there are separate accounts on your BlackBerry, for work and personal affairs, that can be accessed with a simple touch. Balance can even warn if you try to send confidential work items to personal contacts and it can prevent social media apps from accessing the same data. For those wishing to have an all-in-one device, it's perfect, although this will means your workaholic tendencies will have no show-stopper.

BlackBerry Browser makes web browsing faster

The new BlackBerry 10 browser will give you faster browsing experience on your smartphone with HTML5 technology and has built-in sharing to social networks. According to RIM, the browser "remembers" the way you like to do things and adapts to your lifestyle. BlackBerry browser features a smaller URL bar and a hidden title bar that allows for more browsing space. Fans would really love to see that the BlackBerry can load Android apps, just like the PlayBook does, but it remains to be seen whether RIM will be that generous.

The BlackBerry Camera with Timeshift

One BlackBerry feature that might WOW the fans in BlackBerry 10 is the Timeshift Camera that lets you edit photos in a similar manner to Instagram.

The inbuilt photo editing software can prevent photo disasters like the "eyes closed" pictures, by letting you go back frame by frame to choose the best image. From what we have heard, the new BlackBerry devices will include 8 MP cameras, which will most likely mean great quality photos. Also, the devices will have face detection, which means the focus will be automatically set to faces.

BlackBerry World to compete with the Apple Store

Entering the BlackBerry World means getting access to apps, games, music, videos, books and more. The store, which will hold around 70,000 apps, has been redesigned and it will give you recommendations based on downloads or user's rating.

BlackBerry World links to the BlackBerry ID and user's choice in payment, whether it's Paypal, credit card or carrier bill.

Even BlackBerry 10 phones can lose data!

Remember to back up your data regularly, as even high-end phones like the BlackBerry Z10 can be lost or broken. At the moment the BlackBerry Backup Extractor does not support BB10 backups but we are looking into adding support very soon. Meanwhile you can still open .ipd and .bbb backups made with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

All in all, the new BlackBerry 10 looks like sweet temptation for smartphone users, although it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to keep RIM swimming with the big fishes like Apple, with the high-end iOS and Google, with its all so versatile Android.

What do you think about the new BlackBerry 10 features? Will you be using it?