Andrew Coles
Posted by Andrew Coles,

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Blackberry Backup Extractor - Can it open Playbook IPD files?

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is a great device loaded with loads of cool features, but what most of our users want to know is can the Blackberry Backup Extractor work with PlayBook IPD backups?

The answer is yes, the PlayBook stores backups in standard IPD files using the same Blackberry Desktop Software we all use with our Blackberries. Blackberry PlayBook support is included in BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.1 onwards, so make sure you download the latest version before you sync your PlayBook.

Once your Blackberry PlayBook has been synced and a IPD created the Blackberry Backup Extractor will work as it does for all BlackBerry smart device and their backups.

If you have any information you would like to share about the Playbook or tell us what goodies you have found saved to your PlayBook IPD use the BBBE app do let do us know by replying below.