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Now includes backup preview and improved Mac version

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor has been updated to version 1.0.3, so download to take advantage of the extra features! The new and improved backup converting software can now preview the data in your BlackBerry backup, and has an improved extraction progress status. If you are using a Mac, we have also made installing and running the application easier than ever!

blackberry backup extractor version 103

Preview your BlackBerry backups straight away

We love to receive feedback from our BlackBerry Extractor users. And one feature that people have been requesting in numbers, is the ability to preview a backup's contents. This proves very useful if searching through many backup files.

The software now allows more freedom where data recovery is concerned, by giving the option to extract certain data categories or all data. The BlackBerry backup extractor now features:

  • Data categories for the Blackberry backup shown in the main window (contacts, calls, sms messages, mms, bbm messages, emails, calendar, tasks, memos, bookmarks, photos, videos, ringtones, app data and storage files)
  • Quick links for extraction to individual databases: extract only your emails, contacts, photos or press "Extract all" to recover all your data at once
  • Extraction progress status message

After you read the .ipd or .bbb BlackBerry backups, you can easily import the data into managers like Outlook or import to Gmail. You can also transfer data to an Android device, if you fancy a change in smartphones!

BlackBerry Backup Extractor on a Mac, a smoother run with Mono

Installing the BlackBerry Backup Extractor on your Macintosh is now much easier in version 1.0.3. The BlackBerry Backup Extractor will detect if Mono is installed on your Mac and run with it automatically if it is found or help guide you through the process. To run the BlackBerry Backup Extractor on your Mac:

  1. Download the software and double click on the downloaded file
  2. The BlackBerry Backup Extractor will run automatically if Mono is installed
  3. If Mono is not installed, the BlackBerry Backup Extractor will open your browser on the Mono download page

Have you used the BlackBerry Backup Extractor on a Mac? Try it along with our preview feature and give us feedback!