Andrew Coles
Posted by Andrew Coles,

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Why affiliate with BlackBerry Backup Extractor?

We have been approached many times about affiliate linking, so we are now proud to launch our affiliate scheme for the BlackBerry Backup Extractor application for the first time. The scheme is open to all (subject to our terms and conditions) and is something we want to encourage as we have enjoyed a lot of goodwill from our users and like minded organisations alike in the past. We feel that this affiliate scheme is a nice way to reward those that have taken an interest in our applications by recommending them, writing reviews and even producing help guides for our application.

So what the deal?

In brief an affiliate will receive 10% commission on any sale that is a result of a referral made to the website. Once a sale is completed via an affiliate link the commission is added to an affiliate's account until the total hits an affiliate benchmark for payout (via PayPal only). This of course is dependant on our terms and conditions and an affiliate’s agreement to abide by them fully.

This scheme is only currently available for our BlackBerry Backup Extractor application, if you are interested in being an affiliate please read more on our official affiliate sign-up page. It contains all the details you need to know about the scheme, terms and conditions of use and how to join up and it’s secure.

Join our Affiliate Scheme here.

If you have any affiliate ideas or questions about the scheme, respond to the blog below or ask our support for more details.