Alexandra Malureanu
Posted by Alexandra Malureanu,

It's time to share and be UberSocial like never before!

RIM and Blackberry have had a bit of a hard time recently, culminating with the some depressing 4th quarter results. So it's definitely great to see some positive news from RIM, and this time it's in the shape of the new and improved BBM Connected Apps

BlackBerry BBM integrated with Facebook, Twitter, BBM Music and more

BBM Facebook App

  • Facebook and Twitter - Share now your latest Facebook status updates or tweets with your BlackBerry friends.
  • BBM Music - Try the new BBM Music with BBM connectivity and share your favorite songs with you friends.
  • More BBM Connected Apps - New BBM apps from RIM, such as BlackBerry Travel, ScoreMobile Wikitude, Jingu, foursquare and more, are waiting for you!
  • BBM Version 6.2 - The BBM app itself has been updated with animated avatars and BlackBerry Tag integration.

RIM has received some great feedback from BBM users and we can see BBM forum comments like “Best experience I had in a long time!”. The Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v3.0 apps will feature a “Share with BBM” button. The updated Twitter app is available now. Facebook, Travel, App World and BBM Music, along with BBM version 6.2 will arrive over the next week or so. So, download the new BBM Connect App and be ubersocial and connect with your BBM friends!

Open BlackBerry Messenger Conversations with BlackBerry Backup Extractor

Recently, we have improved our BlackBerry Backup Extractor software so you can easily extract BBM Conversations, including the new social apps conversations for your BlackBerry Backups. You just need the BlackBerry Desktop Software to save the data from your BlackBerry device and the BlackBerry Backup Extractor to extract the BBM conversations.

What do you like the most on new BBM Connect Apps? Is it there something else that you would love to have seen integrated with BBM?