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Blackberry Desktop Software Manager backs up PlayBook data and creates a BBB file. The bbb file is a zip archive, and it contains not only PlayBook app data, but also application binaries. The apps specifically are not stored in the BBB or IPD files.

The apps will be in your BlackBerry AppWorld for you to re install from, or just use BlackBerry AppLoader to restore them.

If you want to backup your PlayBook apps then 3rd party apps is a choice in BBDM. You generally use the Apploader to restore your apps. The Desktop Manager and/or the AppLoader specifically can save the apps. Application data database will contain all downloaded BlackBerry PlayBook applications if you back it up or restore. If this database is not backed up the applications downloaded to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can still be retrieved from BlackBerry AppWorld.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Where are the PlayBook apps stored?

The apps are stored in:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Applications\MediaSyncMobile\

as ali, alx files.

How to backup your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet?

Well, we are talking here about where are the apps stored, whether BBDM saves the apps when performing a backup but what if you are new to Playbook world or maybe you just need a few quick tips on how to perform a backup of your PlayBook tablet? If this is the case or you simply need a short reminder, here is a guide on how to back up your PlayBook.

BlackBerry Backup Extractor software can read PlayBook IPD or BBB backups

If you're just searching to extract only specific data from your PlayBook backup or maybe your PlayBook backup got corrupted and you really need to recover precious data or BlackBerry Desktop Software simply doesn't want to restore your PlayBook from backup, then our BlackBerry Backup Extractor should be an easy pick and help you out.

Have you had problems in reading PlayBook backups or restoring your PlayBook backup via Desktop Manager?