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BlackBerry 10 has now been launched and it gives us great insight of how RIM (pardon us, BlackBerry) intends to return to its former glory. Leaks about BlackBerry 10 and the new BlackBerry smartphones have flowed for months prior to the launch, but a few goodies were still saved for the press release Wednesday. Note to Apple – BlackBerry launched in the heart of the Big Apple (New York!).

BlackBerry 10 brings something new

BlackBerry Remember allows you to group messages, photos and web links together in one place, to keep you organized, in both work and personal life.

BlackBerry Story Maker is a video editing software that allows you to create high-resolution videos, complete with music and effects, right on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BBM Video Chat and Screen Share.

BBM Video Chat Screen Share is an innovation that might get fans excited: not only does it allow you to make video calls in real time, but also share photos and videos while screen sharing, for presentations and group working.

Skype, What’s App and Angry Birds are now in the BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World, the redesigned BlackBerry app store, will now contain some very popular apps: Skype, Amazon Kindle, SAP, What's App , Angry Birds and even Microsoft's Office Suite will be coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphone devices. The 70.000 apps that the BlackBerry store will hold pale in comparison on Apple store’s 700.000. But porting applications from iOS or Android is now easier than ever, as the process is partly automated and parts of the code common to all BlackBerry apps are pre-written.

What BlackBerry 10 let us see before the launch

BlackBerry 10 is an operating system that promises "new life" for the rebranded RIM and a new experience for the fans. Here's the short list of what we already knew about BlackBerry 10 – it will have:

  • Voice recognition assistant for fast actions on your mobile
  • BlackBerry Hub for easy communication and social networks integration
  • BlackBerry Balance for personal and work accounts
  • BlackBerry browser (a former weak spot for BlackBerry phones, now works faster)
  • BlackBerry Camera with TimeShift

Bring Blackberry backup data to your BlackBerry 10 with the BlackBerry Backup Extractor

The BlackBerry Backup Extractor team is working to bring support for Blackberry 10 backups, which are fundamentally different from the backups made with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. We will let our users know when our software has been updated and is able to open BlackBerry 10 backups, we hope to make this possible soon!

Meanwhile, you can still open your BlackBerry Desktop Manager backups with our BlackBerry Backup Extractor, if they cannot be restored due to errors or corruption.

Have you got a BB10 device? We like them and we might be getting one :)